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Worry-Free Car Parking Options at Stansted Airport

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Car parking at Stansted airport is well thought out,Apex Line Marking considering that it is the UK’s fourth largest airport serving 19 million customers a year, operating 20 airlines covering 114 destinations, and all with just one runway and one terminal. You’d think things would be cramped and possibly hard to find, but the airport offers a wide range of parking options and at prices which are competitive considering the location of this airport.

Stansted airport offers a number of different parking options, from short stay to mid stay and from long stay to meet-and-greet or valet services. The short stay car parking, which requires no advanced booking, is primarily aimed at providing a suitable service for those who are dropping passengers off or picking them up. It is very close to the main terminal and is charged at £2.60 for up to an hour. However, the first 15 minutes are free which is well worth knowing, and if you can drop off or pick your passengers up quickly then parking will not cost you anything.

For stays of a day or more you can choose from either the mid stay or long stay car parks. The mid stay car parks are just 5 minutes from the terminal by shuttle bus and cost £12.50 per 24 hour period. Although there’s no need to book in advance, the advantage of doing so will mean that a place is guaranteed for you: there is no guarantee if you just turn up, and as this is a busy airport it’s best not to leave your parking arrangements to chance.

The long stay parking is the best option if you’re leaving your car at the airport while you go away on holiday and represents the best value for money if you book in advance. The shuttle bus will collect you, running every 8 minutes during peak times, and every 20 minutes off peak.

The long stay car parking at Stansted airport incorporates a great deal of security, including high security fencing, monitored CCTV coverage and regular patrols. In addition, the long stay car parks include parking for Blue Badge holders, and these 130 bays have been built to the best modern standards, offering all of the space and facilities you require. However, in order to be able to take advantage of this option you are highly recommended to book in advance to be sure of getting one of these spaces should you need it.

You may also be interested to note that Stansted airport parking has a number of other facilities in its long stay car parks, which are not often seen at other locations. This includes a number of oversized bays which are suitable for camper vans or for cars with trailers. Again, however, to be certain of being able to obtain one of these, book in advance because they are limited.